[HELP] Set Top Box won't automatically login to the account unless connected directly to Jio ONT.

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Jio Fiber
The STB works fine when I directly connect it to Jio ONT, the repeated login issue only arises when I connect STB via Archer C6 to Jio ONT. [All Ethernet]
Unless you login premium stuff will not work. Earlier this was not an issue, with the same setup i.e. STB > Archer C6 > Jio ONT it used to work fine.

Does anyone have any solution to it? Tried the Mac Clone thing, the internet doesn't work. DHCP is already enabled.

I am pretty sure CC wouldn't even grasp the problem
Perhaps just use the C6 is access point mode, so that all routing and everything is done by the Jio router.
By that you can't access jio router login page

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