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Beam Cable. EVDO soon
Hi ppl, I just a 256 kbps connection with 2GB download limit with Rs 450/- pm in Hyderadbad . But I'm able to get only 160 kbps consistently. During early morning it went upto 200 kbps. BTW, upload speed is near 32 kbps only. Looks like my ip is local and NAT'ed. Can anyone help me with the following queries, please ? 1. Isn't my consistent speed supposed to be higher ? Like atleast 85% of promised speed. 2. When they say broadband, aren't we supposed to get a public (or Non NAT) ipfrom IP pool ? 3. Without a public ip how would we able to play online games ? 4. Even if I get a higher speed connection (say 512kbps), would I be able to play online games with these NAT IPs ??TIAskid
Playing games do not depend on your speed, it depends on the ping that you receive frm the server. Some people are able to play online easily at 64kbps while some are not even able to play at 256Kbps.
When they say broadband then they do give u public IP's , ur ethernet modem or router must be in the way, coz cheap modems dont support patting but they do hav a option for NATing ports to ur PC.adding on to what raptor said , ur ping depends on the routin that BSNL.
For a 256Kbps connection it sure sucks. Private IPs can be a problem for playing online games. But they just increase the latency. It shouldn't affect your download / upload speeds. You need a public ip to host a game NOT to connect to a server...
Thanks for all those replies guys.

Yup, I managed to play some Q3 rounds online. The kind of connection I got is a LAN.

When I asked the ISP guy about alotting a public IP, he said that that's not allowed from TRAI/BSNL and some crap. BTW, they use routers only it seems. The IP that I get is a NAT'ed one and local. I donno if port forwarding gonna be any useful, since diff Q3 server use diff ports.

My question is, does other broadband connections do alot public IP or not ? I think BSNL does, and he insists that only BSNL is allowed to do that.

One thing I realised that I'll need atleast 512 kbps to play from here (Hyd).
lets do the rounds in this order1) Broadband connection on its own doesnt assure a constant throughput. the throughput depends on the bandwidth of your service provider, you end equipment (inlcuding your nic and computer) and the protocol that is used for communication. but when you get yourself a 256kbps connection you've gotta get 256kbps and not 85%. bsnl feed those line prettly well, and now so is airtel. you havta tell him to give you 256. period.2) Broadband doesnt have anything to do with the IP address assigned to you. broadband only deals with the type of signalling allowed on the medium. Baseband (or narrowband as some users in this forum call it) can use only one signal on the medium, but broadband can use two or more simultaneously.3) Get this: your comp will always be seen thro a public IP, whether or not you have a LAN or DSL. its just that with LAN that is shared amongst everyone else. games will work mostly, sometimes if a particular port is blocked by your gateway you might have problems. on most LAN connections all ports are blocked by the gateway or the router before it.4) answered abovethis isp of yours seems to be a total whacky bastard. ask him if he did the rounds about trai asking evryone to keep a copy of the recommendation with them. if he is an ISP hes gotta have one. if he does then ask him to f**king read it!!! anyone in india can have their unique IP without having to be called a terrrorist/outlaw. good god, this guy is one heck of a storyteller. airtel, bsnl, reliance, tata indicom all give uniques ip's everytime you handshake. and they're still not in jail.... oh my GOD! criminals *lurking* in daylite. gee...port forwarding WILL help in most cases. UDP and TCP incoming on these ports will speed up transfers and can definitely speed up games. also a low latency in necessary. meaning your round trip to the IP you connect to must be very little.hope that clears up the murk

skidrock, your ISP has been filling you with B$. Tell him to shutup and give you a public static IP. He will charge about 1000 bucks per year for it. Thats the standard rate. If you dont mind a dynamic IP then you dont need to pay him anything extra...
Thanks a ton for those valuble replies guys. Today, asked the tech guy at the helm (City support center) , and he flatly said that won't either give me a public IP or forward the ports. When I told him that BSNL does alott public IP on handshake, he simply said that he has orders not to give public IPs. And the local distributor guy (from whom I have taken this connection) won't be able do much in this case. Will talk to him again with all these facts again. Can I complain on consumer forum or somewhere about this, before I withdraw the connection? Looks like, I will go with BSNL in coming months as that seems to be pretty good.Will keep you guys posted on this.skid
Originally posted by Raptor@Oct 29 2005, 03:56 PM
Playing games do not depend on your speed, it depends on the ping that you receive frm the server. Some people are able to play online easily at 64kbps while some are not even able to play at 256Kbps.

How to improve pings then??