Holy COW ! This triband bill is BOMB

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I feel the shock as I inform you all guys that one of my friends Lokesh got his first Triband 590 NU bill in Mumbai.Its staggering "Rs. 18000" (no typing mistake here)He tried to call MTNL officials they said that the bill is very perfect.When i saw his triband usage he had used only 2132 MB in 3 months.so in theory for three months his bill shud be Rs. 590 + 80+ 590 +80+ 590 + 80 = Rs. 2010 (Rs. 80 for CPE rent)for extra MB's 2132-1500 = 632 632x1.2 = Rs. 758.4Hence TOTAL Bill = Rs. 2010 + 758.4 = Rs. 2768.4Now compare this with flatout exact Rs. 18000 bill he got.Are MTNL charging for nights ?Does that bill leave me scared ? Hell YES !!! (I still have to get my first bill)Anyone facing same problem ? As of Latest I request all forum readers to post here their first bills Please!
hmm... that is aweful.
That's why prepaid packages rule.......that cannot force u pay more
Ask him to take a print out of the usage details and just quit mtnl (dont pay them anything) and go for any other ISP like airtel and yes ask him not to make the stupid mistake of returning the D-Link dsl modem(that wud easily cover up the installation and security) .That why he wont be required to go to consumer court ,but instead it will be mtnl who will be running after him, but he obviously has the usage details which wud bail him out.
Originally posted by boygr8@Aug 8 2005, 03:32 PM
That's why prepaid packages rule.......that cannot force u pay more

I think otherwise ,cos its even worse if you pay Rs1000 to your ISP and dont get even 30% uptime.In postpaid if I wud get wrong bills I wud simply not pay (unless,i have paid big installation or securities)

welcome to the "bogus" bill club!!! 😉simple advice, don't pay the bill...but u'll have to take some pain now and visit every possible person in MTNL now...all the best in ur journey...keep us posted 🙂
Originally posted by dearashwin@Aug 8 2005, 08:34 PM
Is  he frm mum or delhi?

He is from Mumbai including me.

We want some expert opinions to tackle this issue.
Who knows u might be the next victim ?
My usage details online show 4000+ for a month only beacuse I didnt follow the switch off-switch on MTNL bullcrap. Me only waiting for a the bill hard copy before I sue MTNL (deficiency in services+harassment hahahahahaha)
dunno.... my 1st bill was ok... but mtnl site has introduced this new thing... "dont pay attention to the adsl mb left" that we discussed a few threads back.... im gonna wait n watch... but it happenin in mum scares me...
7k...they said yearly charges...made 3 installments...advised me to pay...i did, first installment...also advised me not to pay any bill if i think it's wrong...waiting for the next bill... 🙂
hey.. u hav freaked me out.. am waitin for my bill. must hav d/l bout 4gb.. in the nite