How billing is done?

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Dataone Broadband
Broadband on my landline got activated from 25th July.This is my first month of broadband and have plan of 250.:yahoo:I want to know that 1 gb usage which is alloted to me is either limited to 31st July or upto next month 25th August.I asked the person who came in my home to connect the bsnl net and he was also not sure but he was saying maybe it is limited upto 25th August.I also asked many of my friends who have broadband and nearly all except one said that billing is done monthly. I don't know to whom should I BELIEVE?But taking care of usage I decided to download less than 700 MB till telephone bill of this month(July) comes(which may come between 5 to 15 august).Please let me know friends how the billing is done of broadband because still 660 mb of usage is left unused on my account.🙁
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Dataone Quick Usage finder

Tomorrow the month will change. for August .
You are likely to be billed for July usage above 0.2GB ( apprx 1/5 of 1 GB)