How common is disconnection in Local Chineese ONTs?

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My ont is Genexis 4410 platinum.

I just want to know is it common that these local onts like genexis,Netlink etc have disconnection problem of internet for a few seconds (like 2 or 3 times a day).

Is it common?

Should i replace my genexis 4410.

Connecting ont to TP-Link router might solve the problem. I just want to know is it common with these chineese ONT with this kind of disconnection issue.
Hard to say, does the device lose PON link or only the PPPoE connection re-connects? I have seen cases of PON being lost every other day when I was using Netlink ONT. Later I switched to Huawei and things are much better. Perhaps its coincidence too and the LCO did some fixes to the line/equipment.
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First of all thank you for your reply.
Alot of my problems solved because of your replies in this forum. 👏👏👏

Only PPPoE connect and disconnect.
Like session time continuously unable to get like above 10 hours.

I mostly see this internet session connect and disconnect (not telephone in session of router page)
The VOIP connection may not show this as its probably static IP address or over DHCP. The PPPoE re-connect can happen for variety of reasons, so its hard to say its the ONT's fault. I guess trying ONT device for couple of days to rule out possible issues with the ONT would be helpful.
Did you mean change ONT or use the same ont in bridge mode with another router?

Ok thank you.
Will try that. I have tried once in bridge mode only for few days, not extensively tested. But i haven't noticed session disconnection.

This doesn't work right if LCO doing some sort of mac locking etc? I mean i just cannot take another genexis and try myself without contacting LCO if there is mac lock right.

(During initial set up, the ONT was with me. At that time, LCO had asked me to sent device under photo to sent to him (in which mac details are written) and said me, it is for some purpose with their OLT. I don't know if it's for locking purpose but this ont successfully working with TP-Link in bridge mode)
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