How do I get the speed and Free download Limit if I change plan mid-month

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Well a few days back I changed the existing BSNL Home 500 combo FN scheme which offered free night unlimited.But since They stopped giving the night unlimited so I changed my plan after 6 years.Now I have opted for ULD 1800 which offers a speed of 2Mbps till 40GB and 512 Kbps therafter. Now when I submitted my application a few days back the BSNL clerk told me that the the change of plan is immediate unlike a few years back when the change of plan used to effect from the next month to avoid complicated billing issues.Now firstly I really didnt believe thats true because I have an idea about the knowledge level of these guys and secondly if thats true then how are the BSNL system going to distribute the FUP ans speed limits for my new plan of BSNL ULD 1800 for the next 5-6 days of this month.
Any ideas guys,.
Thanks sanu.
To the best of my knowledge you get entire quota for the remaining days in the month. Enjoy!
errm. it was you who told me that i get full quota for the new plan i am switching to 😱
I too think it is on pro rata basis. He would have found out by now. @Sanu B , how about an update ?

it docent matter when you change your plan you will get full quota😎 Njoy :rock: