How much Jio Fiber pays for junction box? (Towards Power Bill)

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I'm just curious, how much jio fiber/airtel fiber pays for hosting junction box (for giving power connection to their box)

Currently I'm using Act fibernet. They are deducting only Rs.50 from my bill for giving power connection to their junction box. Initially they only have 2 connections from this box, but now they connected 8 homes and still giving me only Rs.50. I'm suspecting it might be consuming a lot of power. I raised the issue with their technician, but he says it only consumes 5 units per month.
No matter how many connections are bought in. It consumes the same power i.e 5-6 units unless they put another port switch.
₹50 used to be a decade old thing, last I heard It is ₹100/month for power charges now.

- Jio setup is FTTH, It does not need power or there is any need to install any box outside your home.
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Act junction box is 24w max which consumes around 10-15units per month. So Rs.100-150 should be actually monthly bill for box.
And ACT is only provider which uses this junction box model, rest all are pure ftth provider who dont need this stupidity.
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Yes, Last I checked the power bills for the ACT box was around 90-100 rupees, Trust me I used to charge ₹50 back in 2008, I think 120-150₹ now is appropriate, Totally depends on you.

^ACT (Beam) choose FTTB because of the Installation cost (ONT) for end customers as they were on the higher side back in 2007.

Last year my cable was changed to cat 5e from cat 5 free of cost to deliver 300Mbps and up to 500Mbps easily.

I believe its FTTH now even for 100mbps .

. Link:
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