How to get address changed in Govt IDS?

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Act Fibernet
Here's the thing.

All my proofs are on house address we no longer stay and as I stay in rented house. My bank account is on one address and my govt ids have different address.

Previously, 7 years back when Rcom LL was there I got the cheapest installation done for ₹300 for just address proof to get a Idea Mobile postpaid connection because Rcom somehow took my id proof and electricity bill and gave it.

Now its tough and I need some cheapest option to get landline bill on my name to make address change in Aadhar, Voter & Bank accounts.

Gas bill and rental agreement is on father's name.

Suggest ideas please.
Check whether your bank allows online address update without proof.

For me, dbs and axis allowed that. So I took dbs statement(pdf) as a proof and updated aadhar address through online. Once i received the aadhar in post, used that for sbi, voter id and indane.
Earlier, they used to be an address validation letter service from UIDAI, but it appears to be discontinued now. Even then they accept a lot of documents - Source
You can send a postcard/letter to yourself via India Post. Use it as proof to get the address updated on your voter card. Now, you can do anything.