How to subscribe successfully to IPO?

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I tried to subscribe 2 IPOs, first for Burger King IPO and next IRFC. But I didn't get allotted for any of these. I had booked BK IPO at 7 AM, while for IRFC, I tried at 12:40 AM. But both were not allotted with reason it was over subscribed.
So I wanted to know was anybody successful to get allotment of these IPOs?
How can we successfully get Shares allotted from IPOs?
There is no secret way for retail subscribers. It is lottery based,if the ipo is over subscribed.
Ok, maybe I will try my luck again for next IPOs 🙂
Finally able to bid for Paytm shares through IPO successfully.
I tried few IPOs this year without any luck.
As expected listing at 9.3% discount and dragging further down.

He is dancing in his cabin. He still made truck load of money. Since IPO was overpriced, retail investors were taken for a ride.