Huawei HG8120C xPON (EPON and GPON) ONT with telephone port (no wireless)


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I have couple of Huawei HG8120C ONTs for sale. The model has the following ports
  • 1 GE port
  • 1 FE port
  • 1 TEL port
Please note that there are cheaper variants where both ports are fast ethernet (FE) ie 100 mbps. It is also an xPON device and supports both GPON and EPON, however needs to run couple of commands over telnet to change the mode. I will pre-configure it the mode you want, but it should be just as easy for you to do it yourself if required.
You can also clone or modify the serial number and PON password if required so that you can easily replace your existing ONT without any changes from the LCO or BSNL.

The units are brand new and imported from China. The package includes the device, power adapter, original box.




The price would be Rs 1999 shipped (Delhivery Surface) (Rs 25 extra for Air mode, however it would help only for destinations in northern India. I would be shipping from Ernakulam, Kerala)

Note: I have several units for sale, so units are available until the thread is updated.

PS : If your existing ONT is Alphion or if you are procuring the ONT to use with an Alphion OLT, this unit will NOT work. Alphion OLT only supports Alphion ONT.

PS : I am not associated with the forum other than being a regular member, have no association with the forum's owners/moderators and they are not benefiting from any of these transactions nor are they responsible for it.

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Not looking to buy, but just curious why these are costlier than the one found on internet for about Rs 1000? They seem to have telephone port too.