I don't understand these bad reviews about ACT!

Seriously people, is ACT that bad?Here is what went with me.
Before going for ACT I had made up my mind to go with BSNL's EVDO as I had read all these bad reviews about ACT. I went to BSNL's CSC and they made me visit their place for continuous 4 days without any progress about the connection. After that, leaving BSNL aside, here is how ACT worked for me,Day 1 - 24/06/2013 : I called up ACT's number and they registered my detailsDay 2 - 25/06/2013 : ACT's guy came and took the money.Day 3 - 26/06/2013 : I called the sales guy (the one who took money) and asked whether it was possible to get the set up today and he replied it could be possible or I would it get for sure within 3 days as promised. Within an hour a technician was at my place set up the connection!Day 4 - 27/06/2013 : I got a message about my documents being accepted and another message that my connection could be active within 10 days. After 3 hours, ACT's guy called up and verified my details and gave username/password and my connection was active!
Speed is as promised and ping is good enough to play Counter Strike. I don't know anything about down times and stuff yet. But so far ACT's service wasn't as unprofessional as many people here have complained about getting a new connection.I'll keep updating about the disconnections, down times and after sales stuff. For the record, I stay in Malleshwaram.
Here are a couple of things…People have varied experiences with the same service provider. Even if they are dealing with the same representative in the same area.Also, there are possibilities where you are reading reviews from social media spammers who have two jobs:1. Post positive reviews for their clients.2. Post negative reviews for the rivals of their clients.You should not take ‘online reviews’ that seriously from anonymous/unknown people on the web. Take them with a grain of salt.
You should check Flipkart. People are giving positive "Certified Buyer" reviews on ridiculously bad products claiming that they are good, so that foolish people will go ahead and actually buy them. I believe those reviews are fake, and done to add growth to Flipkart's income
I have ACT connection now for about 9 months and the service is up to the mark, I am on 15mbps plan & I get 20 mbps 24/7 and with my download i have touched FUP only twice.
I had the same experience with my Canvas HD. The negative reviews about Canvas HD were just too many, but after using my friend's Canvas HD for an hour I bought it the next day. It's really becoming hard differentiate fake and genuine reviews on internet these days.

Hi guys,
I am using ACT for about 1 year.
Even though the process to get the connection for me was not that smooth as Anup wrote, after getting the connection, it is stable. In the initial 3 months it got disconnected 3 times. Each disconnection took 2 days to fix. But since November 2012, I never had a downtime at all.
ACT has huge potential to be the no. 1 service provider. But considering the poor infrastructure and average quality Customer Care, it may not become no. 1 in near future. Moreover there is a huge competition from already established and flourished ISP's like Airtel. I bet that 50% of the bad comments about ACT is fake.
This all depends on how Act is responding to different peoples. for example, I had ACT connection for 5 months. Then i shifted to different location.
So at my present location ACT is not available but its available just 400 meters , Can u imagine how I am feeling ! ! ! 😱hmy: :scared:
So I call the nodal office about this and he tried his best to provide me the connection but unfortunately due to cable guy issue it did not happen (dam you cable guys 💩 :nono: ).
So that is my experience with ACT and i am stuck with bloody stupid Tikona. Hoping for the best 😛leasantry:
ACT managed to give me a great experience WHEN it worked. But service was highly variable, i have experienced the full spectrum - from "wow" to super-crappy and infuriating.