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During my quest of best and cheap VoIP provider, I stumbled on to IConnectHere. I saw their offers and everything looked good to me, especially with their "Money-Back Guarantee." I thought there's no harm in trying if there's money back guarantee. If I'm not satisfied, I'll get my money back. So I went ahead and bought their pack of 800 minutes free to US and Canada, not really knowing what i'm putting myself into. My woes start now. Pretty excitedly, I downloaded their software and dialled the number. There was quite a bit of disturbance in the ringing itself, but I thought may be it will be fine when the other person picks up. To my amazement what I found was that the other person is not able to hear me at all!! After a few tries, the call did initiate and we talked for a while, but it was like talking in a storm. But as that was the only way to talk, and it was necessary talking, I did use it for around 15 mins or so (that doesn't mean the voice quality was good in any way). Now fed up with it, I tried to contact their customer support. The CC guys were quite prompt and helpful. But does that really matter when your problem is not solved? Anyhow, my second round of woes started here. One after another, I talked (online chat) to quite a few CC guys. Everyone promised me that my issues will be resolved and they asked me to do "test" calls and when I enquired they said they'll add those minutes back to my account that i'm using for "test" calls. I tried everything whatever they said with no satisfactory result, including downloading 3 of their own softwares and lastly X-Lite. After doing whatever they could do and I was not satisfied, I decided on not using it anymore and wanted my money back.This is where my third round of woes start (I'm still going through this phase). I asked the CC to initiate the process of "Money-Back Guarantee." To that they said they've already dispathed the "adapter" (their own ATA adapter in which you can plug a normal phone) and they can't give me my money back till they get their adapter back, which is fair enough. I was supposed to get that adapter within 14 days of my registration and I never recieved that thing. Also, they said I've used lots of minutes and i'm not eligible to money back guarantee (remember most of those minutes were spent on test calls), but they'll give me some amount back when they get their device back. When 14 days were over and I still didn't recieve the adapter, I told them that, and then they tell me that as per their records i've already recieved it!! Man, that's too much!! I never got the adapter and they say I accepted it as per their "shipping partner." They're still in the process of tracking down the shipping (i wonder if they really sent it) where has it gone. It's almost 2 months and i've not got a single penny back. I just want you guys to be aware of their pranks and a false "Money-Back Guarantee" they give. I don't think i'd get any money either. My main purpose of this post is to make you guys aware so that you also don't fall prey to it. Also, i'd like to know if anyone of you have any idea how to sue them. I want my money back and want them to pay for my time loss, pain, agony, and their false promises. Any help is most welcome in this regard. I'm going to send a link of this post to their CC and see if anything is done promptly. Will keep you guys updated.
voipstunt.com is very nice and have us/canada free for putting 10 euro in acc .. sound quality is very good too
here is the reply i got...

Thank you for contacting Customer Care.

I have received your Email in regards to your experience with our service, and I also went ahead and read your review carefully.

I have consulted with my supervisor in regards to this review, but also in regards to the records in your account (describing the various correspondence in regards to the various issues on your account) and we both agreed that we should submit your Email and your review to our management, and asked for their decision on this matter.

They will receive your review, and read the description of events as you experienced it, and will also be able to access our records to see the corresponding notes in our systems, and will send us their reply on this matter.

I understand your frustration on this matter, and this is why I believed it is best that your case will be handled by one of our management staff. You will receive a reply from us within the next few days.

I would appreciate your patience on this matter, and I hope and believe that we can resolve this issue. I would also like to thank you again for taking the trouble to write your experience. It is very important for us to get such feedback from our customers, even if they are not a positive feedback, since naturally it gives us a chance to improve.


Customer Care
[email protected]
ok guys, it seemed to be settled now...though haven't got my money back yet...will let u know when i do...

Thank you for contacting Customer Care.

I am writing to you following the Email you sent us yesterday, I have received a reply from one of our managers who has gone over your account, and also read your review.

Even though the device that was shipped to you was lost (According to our investigation, someone other than you has received it) We will provide you with a full money back guarantee, meaning we will refund you the $29.99 charge. I have submitted a refund request to our billing
department, and you will be notified once this refund is completed.

We will investigate the issue of the delivery of your device further, to determine where it was received. I wanted to assure you that this does not happen often, and even if there is a problem with the device delivery, we do manage to track it down and resolve the issue.

I wanted to apologize for the major inconvenience which was caused to you. Please understand that we did not refund until now because the device was lost, but we will still refund you this charge even though we will not be able to receive it back, which is a loss for us.

I would also like to thank you again for letting us know about your experience, and I hope that you have found this arrangement acceptable.

Feel free to contact me again if you have any questions or comments.


Customer Care

Please be advised that I have now refunded your remaining balance and closed your account as you requested.

Please note that this refund may not appear on your bank statement for up to two weeks.

If you would like to remove yourself from our mailing list, please send an email to: [email protected] and put your email address in the subject.

We hope you will use our service again in the near future.


Melanie E

it worked guys!!! 😀

yeh actually they understand how much damage that kind of reviews can do to online buisness . not like indian broadband companies