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hmmmmm.....browsing speeds: 67.8 kbpsdownloads : 8.03 kbpshey i am getting incredible speeds nowadays, is this true for anybody else? ya i did renew recently and technically i shud be within my 700 meg limit till now. i hope this lasts......the speeds have gone up here in the noida/ghaziabad area and the cto says that sify Is revamping the system..anyone else getting better speeds or bandwidth still s*cks?btw how much RAM does the new broadband client take?
i am reaching 10KBps on normal surfing according to Opera. Torrents take upto 8KBps as well... as for the sify broadband client, it worked for me yesterday. forgot to check the RAM. today it gave some error. was not in mood to argue with the customer care so went back to old login funda. i am getting some feedback from Linux users. some of them are complaining the client does not work at all... with so many linux versions out there... i guess sify broadband has a huge problem on their hands from next month 😉BTW, Anat welcome aboard... Good to have a future lawyer on this forum!
U guys are talking about speeds , i dont even reach half of thatmight that has something to do with the fact that my comp is always on,always downloading (around 200 ~ 400MB a day)?
hey, it is pretty much the same here too. and trust me... knowing Sify...its a temporary phase. 🙂and please register 🙂
sify called methe guy said that now speeds wud be increased for shared users, the existing range is 16- 48 kbps and now it wud become 32-64 kbps from next week.he said that sify wud be launching new packages of unlimited usage, soon.
ooh a new package with unlimited data transfers and 128 kbps line would be yummy at around 1200 bucks 😀

really?? well then will take that package only after someone else gives it a favorable review.. 😛 am scared that sify will rip me off... hey Shushub i'm from panchkula too... actually i'm from Mansa Devi..

Originally posted by Sushubh@Sep 11 2004, 10:52 PM
ooh a new package with unlimited data transfers and 128 kbps line would be yummy at around 1200 bucks 😀
i dunno.. i got my connection from natioanl infolinks in sec-11..

Originally posted by Sushubh@Sep 12 2004, 09:34 AM
hey bhinder i am from sec-6 🙂 whose ur dealer? mr. ashwini? 🙄