Indian Government to Mobile Companies: Give us MOAR MONEY! Bwahahaha. /s

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Mobile phone companies will not be allowed to share spectrum without paying the one-time airwaves levy, the telecom department has decided. This means all leading mobile phone companies, including Bharti Airtel, Reliance Communications, Vodafone, Idea Cellular and Aircel among others cannot share airwaves, as they have managed to obtain stays from different courts and stall the imposition of this one-time spectrum charge that came into effect from January 1, 2013.

The telecom department had imposed a one-time spectrum charge on airwaves held by existing mobile phone companies after the Union Cabinet had cleared the proposal in late 2012. Private operators have to shell out . 18,000 crore towards this fee. The one-time fee has two components to it — mobile phone companies have to pay for all their 2G spectrum holdings beyond the 4.4 MHz prospectively for the remaining period of their licences based on the prices discovered in the auctions that concluded in November 2012.
I wish someone could explain what the hell will government do with so much money?
Navjot Singh said:
I wish someone could explain what the hell will government do with so much money?
Buying the vote in next election or buying the support of other party.
Par kitna? Crores of public money is already being looted in some way or the other. I am pretty sure they have enough funds for all that but still their greed keeps increasing.
U know ur deficit crossed 6% of gdp for first time, 1/3th of indias budget expenditure goes on paying back the loans. Wish they cut back on their unplanned expentitures and these cash transfer schemes also.
Ultimately the consumer needs to take the burden as these telecom companies would increase the prices!
tough days ahead