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I just wanted to publish this online that how Indiatimes Shopping har@$$ peoples. I had purchased 50SMS pack from Indiatimes shooping on 04 Nov 2004, the payment was made through netbanking and from that day I was unable to send a single SMS to my mobile(9890926117), but SMS get debited from my account as after sending SMS it gives the message of success that your SMS has been send, but to my horror it never reaches to me. After this I called Indiatimes SMS customer service (011-23302586), there people are rectifying this error from last two weeks but they are unable to resolve the problem, GOD knows what kind of technical team Indiatimes has got with them that they are unable to resolve the issue, till now I would have atleast called them everyday, and each third person picks up the phone and ask me all the details which I have already told to someother person, this is going on from the day I purchased the SMS pack, now situation is worsen when I talk to the technical team they say we will get back to you within an hour but they never get back to me... on 16 Nov 2004 I got the honour of talking to some of there senior person named 'Parav' or 'Parab' he didn't told me what post he hold in Indiatimes but may be he is TL or PM, so he also started asking me the same information what other peoples has already got from me and this time I really lost my nerve and I started shouting on him like anything so he kept the phone and after this incidence the phone was never picked up. I would like to know from Indiatimes people that this the way that Indiatimes deals with there cutomers? If they didn't got enough caliber in there team to solve the issue why they charge? If you are taking money from your client you have to give proper and full service. And this is not the first time I had been harssed by Indiatimes peoples. Iam planning to go to 'Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum'. As I am also Software Engineer working in Pune and I know the implication of such thing on peoples and project when the issue is raised by customer. I think Indiatimes lacks in professionalism.
Welcome mate...

This comes in addition to another experience from a friend who bought something from a company called INDIA GIFT HOUSE.

Link: IndiaGiftHouse? Think Twice Before Buying!

I am very upset with this company! NEVER buy from IndiaGiftHouse. They are horrible. These Indian companies need to learn what CUSTOMER SERVICE means!! Geez louise. 😡 If you can’t even hire someone to answer your dang phone, then how the heck are you running a business??? :grumpy:

Most likely they don’t have a lot of customers anyway, but they just lost one that might have bought another thali if they would just give me some service! :irked: [/b]
Tried Indiatimes shopping some days back and ordered a watch from there.....written them 3 emails to their customer care it has been 3 days since I wrote them the emails on letting me know where is my item they did not even bother replying back.In another 3 days the delivery time will expire and I have no response from Indiatimes if they plan to deliver the item or refund the money if they even have any kind of such policy.....don't recommend Indiatimes shopping not good experience at all.....
^ Man, were you really not aware that those guys are one of the worst online retailers in India? Only Rediff gives them a run for their money. Stay away from these folks dude!
nope I didn't and I have seen couple of their adds in Times Of India, also its run by them was not expecting I used them becz this was a bit special watch and I was unable to find it at local retail shops or other online shops so I had very little choice 🙁
Called Inditimes shopping customer care today they give some other customer care email ID different from the one that I had with the order and told me I should write to them and when I told them I want to register a complain that you guys don't reply back to emails the customers write she tells me she wont take my complain as there are still 3 days left for delivery date. I even told her that I have still not received any kind of shipping details wait for another 3 days as Delivery time is not yet over... lets see what happens if I get the shipping details in next 3 days or reply back to the new email they gave me...

I remember about 3yrs ago i made my first online purchase from indiatimes and i can clearly remember they didnt provide me the shipping details and one day suddenly the product arrived at my place. But beware products from indiatimes are crappy 🙁
As they say dont stick ur tunnel for pleasure in crazy, I say dont stick ur money in INDIATIMES SHOPPING here are pros and cons of it Pros:- CHEAP THINGS thas it COns :Cheap replicas ( Blackcherry; ever heard of that ??? ) remember old saying; cheap= not good SO TRUE about indiatimes VEry unreliable they actually dont sell anything they just list it BY SOME CON artist located in bihar or something..... Dont shop there same with rediff
I did not hav other option...since i was unable to get this on other online stores or normal retail stores..just received email from them about shipment details...seller is frm Hyd..