Is 256 kbps Night Unlimited Scheme Promising

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Since all the previous threads were pretty old, I thought I'd ask once more for sure before shifting base to Sify.

Is the 256 kbps Night Unlimited Scheme yet going good and valid no 150MB/Day caps etc. Constant 256 kbps speeds and low downtime? (lol thats almost a dream)

Any of you'll yet on the 256 connection and happy?

Please leave some feedback since I was disconnected by my old ISP due to heavy downloads :lol:, they went from 256 kbps Unlimited to 64 kbps but yet I didn't spare their ass :lol: and they kicked me out for good this time, bastards

Anyways, I need a connection fast and Sify is the only other ISP in my building already wired and all, so if someone can confirm that the 256 Night Unlimited is really Unlimited and no 150MB/ Day limitations are there then I would surely go for it.

"Unlimited" - In true sense of the word, "Not barred by either time or data transfer per month"

Ref : Unlimited Night TIme @ 256kbps Rs : 650/month (10PM-8AM)

10 hrs = 36000 s = 36000 * 32 KB = 1152000/1024 MB = 1125 MB/Day = ~33GB/Month[/b]
^^^ That Rocks Hard
you may be good at maths but sify doesn't care about far as i have experienced the 256kbps unlimted pack is truely unlimited, no darn 150 mb download limit.Experience could be different for ppl, i took it for one month, lost 5 days off it due to some local lan problems, then sometimes i used to get very bad pings for even some local sites....well i am finally back to 40kbps and very happy just browsin and gettin my emails when they are supposed to. Not like a week after.
i am using this pack from 25 days it rocks i am dloading more than a gb p/night 😛
Does the speed jump above 256 kbps during the nights?

As I see it, Sify hasn't "yet" observed the connection since its new, so pretty soon we'll see this one capped too, but until then I am gonna rape Sify :lol:
Just took the connection and i asked my cable walla if there is a cap and he was like there will be !! I caled up customer care and he said no there is no limit. The cable wala told me that there is no download limit in the 40 kbps package . Clearly they have no clue about thier work.Seeing the other users response i am hopin there is no download limit.
well ur maths is good... but let me corect it..

see i used day pack of 48 kbps and got around 512 kbps..

well if u get 256 kbps then surely u can get around 1 mbps if u use boosters..
256 kbps only means "agar wo isse kam de to tum case kar sakte ho..."[/b]

Originally posted by inetbum@May 6 2005, 04:57 PM
How did you get 512 kbps on a 48 kbps pack?

ask my cable wala.. he promises us ATLEAST 128 KB/s speed and here i mean Bytes....
Originally posted by justtj@May 6 2005, 06:22 PM
ask my cable wala.. he promises us ATLEAST 128 KB/s speed and here i mean Bytes....

and in which part of delhi is this brilliant cable wallah situated?
How can your cablewallah promise anything if you're using Sify? Sify controls its bandwidth from its own servers. Cablewallahs don't have any control over it.
sabman you can use this 256kbps night pack with no worry they will not cap it is a downloader pack & most siffy users are using this pack if sify will play with this pack they are going to loose to many customers so don't worry.

& this newbie is giving me shocks every day (BOOSTERS?) :blink:
also can someone tell me if the uploading is included in the download limits of the 40 kbps packages >?
Yeah in sify...damn ...i tght i cld atleast upload those rare files with my 40 kbps connection.