Is Bsnl 256 Start Up Plan Worth

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Hey guys , sandy from bangalore . I have subscribed for bsnl broad band 256 start up plan . Well i wanted to know is it worth than airtel broad band .one more thing can we buy the modem seperately than buying from bsnl , if so can u guys letme know what kind we r supposed to buy regrds ,sandeep
@sandeep , if you are interested in browsing few sites , e-mail &
simple chat then BSNL 256 startup plan should be sufficient .

if you need downloading & serious surfing the net then you would
require BSNL Home 500 plan .

if you need always on net connection & use internet in your daily
work routine then you can take BSNL unlimited 900 or 900 plus .

if you need regular uploading then you have to go for airtel
unlimited plan .

you can purchase the ADSL modem from the market (if you have
not purchased from BSNL) . you have to take any good brand
(NOT Huawei) with warranty .

The type of the modem depends on your requirements .
if you just want to connect a Desktop PC then ADSL modem
with a LAN port ( & a USB port - optional ) is required .
Air tel sratup plan 250 is better than BSNL 250 plan for the simple reason that u dont hv to pay lanline renatle with Airtel plan..I hv one Question regading..BSNL 500 plan..also1. Do I need to pay lanline rental with this2.2. Do they still have night unlinited plan??
^ 1 Landline rental is to be paid with BSNL Dataone 500 plan .2 Night Unlimited ( 2 AM - 8 AM ) is still available on this home500 plan . BSNL at present is not considering to drop it . we canuse it until BSNL makes official announcement of droping this .
Seeshu , any idea about the cost of adsl modems in hyd. The last time i checked (one year back) they were selling for 2k bucks... now BSNL is giving them out for 1.2k i think there must be adsl modems selling at the same price some where in sec'badBTW Huawei is not that bad.. I have been using it for more than a year now.. its always active for more than 10hrs a day
BSNL hv a deal with Huawei , I dont think it is avaiabale outsode ..if soe know pl let me know also in BangaloreBSNL hv a deal with huawei , I dont think it is avaiabale outsode ..if soe know pl let me know also in Bangalore

^ some of the Huawei modems were in the (black ?) market .
I find that D-Link is the main brand here in Hyderabad .
The price of D-Link modem/router have not decreased .