Is there any unlimited broadband plans under Rs.1000 ?

I want to know if there is any unlimited broadband plan under 1000 rupees or even if it is not truly unlimited but I can download 80-100 gb per month. The internet speed should be from 1-Mbps and even if there is no such plan as I stated above then is there some night unlimited plan.
Don't suggest reliance as have read the discussion going on this website for last 2 months.
YOU Broadband has Unlimited 1 Mbps plan for approx 700 Rs per month. Truly unlimited. No FUP.
I am using this plan in Pune. I pay Rs. 2100 / 3 months. I am as of now having good experience with YOU broadband.
I live in Visakhapatnam. I am currently subscribed to BSNL UL750 plan. I get 1 Mbps at the start of the month but after certain amount of browsing/downloading it reverts back to 512 kbps. Can anyone recommend better broadband under 1000 rs ?
I guess both of you forgot to see where he resides. I highly doubt YOU and TIKONA have services in Coimbatore.
I wasn't aware that you and tikona are not available there.