is this true?

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Ok, suppose I opt for 1Mbps connection for ~3000 bucks a month, consider the following scenario:1. @$$ume I get exactly 1Mbps download speed. (~1MB in 8 secs)2. That means to say, I will touch the BSNL 10GB limit (3300 plan) in approx 81920 seconds!!So, I would have to pay extra ~1.5 Rs. per additional MB downloaded, that too after being online for only 81920 seconds! (~1380 mins -> ~22 hrs->~1 day)Is the calculation correct? (Pls @$$ume I get 1Mbps download speed as advertised by BSNL)if that is correct:sushubh-> when are you launching a new case against BSNL this time? 🤔 This download limit really s*cks.THX
i never sued sify broadband. i just want to make people aware of the sh*t these people have for us. 🙂 the bsnl broadband blog is already online. though since i am not a customer (nor do i plan to become one), you guys have to contribute.

BSNL Broadband Blog
In reality, you will find that while there are upload/download limits, data transfer and speed depend on the your ISP, network traffic, location of servers, etc. So 1 1 Mbps connnection does not always transfer data at that rate. You can check out your download/upload speed at any given time at sites like:

I think you should upgrade (??!!) to Dial-up!!! Get BSNL's Internet Phone (Rs.499 per month) and TataIndicoms Unlimited Dialup pack (Rs.7 per day). So in a month u have to pay about Rs.800 (incl. Service charges) and get traffic of about 6GB per month(@$$uming 10 hours per day). [I run my computer overnight, so can you]. 🙂 🙂 🙂