Jiah Khan Suicide Case

Jiah Khan (aka Nafisa Khan) has passed away! Committed suicide. This is shocking!!! She was too young for this. RIP Jiah Khan.

Her notable movies which I know are Nishabd (with Amitabh Bachchan), Ghajini and Housefull 2.
The Rozana girl?
How do you know? It could be fake also. There are lot of fake death rumours surrounding celebraties nowadays. Just look at a few hollywood celebraties, don't believe what you see on the net
Don't worry about checking the credibility of the news. Even I wasn't sure until I saw Dia Mirza tweeting about it. Her tweet was good enough for me to realize that the news is indeed true.

Great. I have not had as many people online at one time since the fuck up last year. Good job Mr. AbhishekS Sir.
Abhishek is awake this time?
Mostly admin & sometimes i post in this graveyard shift 😛