Jio no longer allows jio to jio calls if no active pack is present

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I am getting updated....
Airtel FTTH
Till now, you were able to make jio to jio calls if you pack expires. But now you cannot. Today my mother's jio pack expired and she wasn't able to call me.
I thought that was closed long back.
Isin't there a grace period after expiry like 7 days where you have to recharge to continue with services.
Jio incoming works most of time I think.
Either that or they terminate sim permanently.
Jio terminated one of my numbers after 1.5-2 years due to non recharge. I received an SMS on the alternate number.
Your post reminded me to keep track of all the accounts I used my number on. Switching numbers nowadays would be a pain.
@royalroy I have also not recharged for around 2 yrs. They send msgs saying the number has been discontinued or would be discontinued in 2-3 days but it stays working.