Kerala Vision slow speeds

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Kerala vision broadband
I have been facing this problem with this isp for about 4 days as of now. Contacted customer care.they haven't replied me back.
I'm using Netlink modem and tried many fixes with dns and all. Nothing seems to improve the speeds.
I've got 50mbps plan. Sometimes download speeds are okayish and at the same time upload speed will get really poor.
What should i do? Bsnl ftth is not available here. Otherwise i would've gone with that. Really annoying and frustrating. Not getting the value for money i paid.

If somebody knows anything to fix this issue comment down below. It would be really helpful.
There's only one true fix to this problem: Choose a different ISP.

Sorry to say that to you, but I'm sure if you read through this forum regarding KV, you'll understand quite easily this is their typical business model. They've been doing it for a long time now. They barely have any capacity but constantly market and oversell their connections through their tie-ups with LCOs. Customer care knows it already. They've been advised to simply play the waiting game and pacify the customers by calling you back during off-peak times, doing a remote speed test, and convincing you that you are simply "feeling low speeds".

My advice: Contact BSNL officer of your area and ask him to coordinate with your LCO. It won't fix anything soon but at least will get the ball rolling. It's easy to partner with BSNL, if the LCO is willing that is.