Latest BSNL Bharat Air Fibre Plan

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Anybody knows the latest plans of Bsnl Bharat Air Fibre plans circle wise. There is so much confusion on the Internet. No consistency over that.
BSNL Corporate office Circular R&C-CFA No. 100 /19-20 dated 30-01-2020 clearly mentions that regular PAN India (non-promotional) BSNL Bharat Fiber FTTH plans having fixed monthly charges of Rs.450 & above are applicable for Airfiber as well.

It is just that BSNL ITPC guys and state CGM/GMs are too lazy to implement it. I have that circular with me in PDF. Not sure how to attach it here.

Download Circular No.100_19-20_2901202 from here: IBF Vault
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BSNL has taken a U turn and implemented a bunch of crappy plans for Airfiber Tariffs | BSNL Portal . These are nowhere identical to FTTH now. And they are foolish enough to brainwash a rookie and give a franchise for FTTH to him in our farm area located deep inside the Western Ghats. There is simply not enough potential subscribers for the two services to survive. GM, CGM both have zero business sense and doesn't have the ability to understand suggestions given by customers!. With clueless people like them at the helm, BSNL will sink sooner than we expect.
Yes in the end if the customer gets downtime and stability issues for 20/30 days ,crappy plans , zero customer service , money sucking LCOs, crap Selfcare ,then we wish it gets acquired by a Private company. Zero mercy
At least BSNL should make their self care better seeing the private guys and their recent shady move of removing Downgrade from Selfcare is not gonna go well for them

Are plans different when installation is thru LCO? Because I have installed with B4S (LCO) and these are the plans shown to me Monthly Tarrif

Imo, the backbone is BSNL's, so the plan must also be decided at BSNL's end.

Even on the selfcare portal the current plan name is something like XXX_B4Smonthly

You will notice there is a huge disparity between the plans on official BSNL website and the plans on this LCO's site. Am i being denied my rights?