(LCO) Airtel Xstream Fibre West Bengal/ Kolkata

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Hind Motor, Kolkata
Present ISP: Hathway
Past ISPs: Airtel, Jio, Alliance, BSNL (copper)
Today I got the airtel xstream fibre connection installed (40 mbps one) and as there's no LCO specific topic for WB region thought of creating this one. I asked for a Huwaei ONT but LCO said whatever is available they will give, and for sure it's some Sercomm or whatever one. First month is apparently free, because I have airtel DTH or whatever, some airtel Black is activated! A landline no. is provided and I am told I would be able to make telephone calls but cannot find my old telephone sets to test (not that I care about it anyway).

ONT Photos:

I have been running ping tests side by side with Hathway and honestly airtel's pings are overall worse! However, looks like all servers are currently erratic so I will test again tomorrow.

IP is dynamic, changes upon every reboot. Noticed 110 and 223 series IPs thus far. DNS I have not changed yet (running on default, no clue how to check!), should I change it to Google's? Or if there's anything I should change to make the connection better please advise. I am not familiar with this ONT's interface.

And here are some results but like I said it seems many the servers are currently running erratically.

If anyone has any queries pertaining to the connection you can ask away. I will check to the best of my abilities.

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change dns and check....try google or cloudflare...

also remove router mac id picture....
One question: is ur connection advanced rental ?
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Yes, they said it's advanced rental, not even sure what it means anyway.
Advance rental or arp means only for the first time you have to pay the plan's price which you've taken in advance (ie , at the time when you have taken the connection or you can say first recharge, eg 2929 100mbps 3M). After that as soon as your arp expires, your internet will stop working and then you have to recharge as usual to get it resumed (like a prepaid plan) after on.
PS:- This type of prepaid system is valid only if your area is LCO based.
Yeah only airtel can come up with such complex terms, it's either prepaid or postpaid. No matter anyway, they are not going to see my payment again come next month. The speeds are fine, but the latency is terrible. Not for a second the latency to the server I play at ( reduced to Hathway level! Meh.

@imdarkray Thanks. Will email them tonight with tracert and other screenshots as well. I read somewhere that emailing to Nodal team is useful, is that the Nodal email? I have no hope anyway as it seems this is as best their routing is going to be.

To top it all off though, for past 24 hours there's even a more comical thing going on which has made me forget the garbage routing. I cannot open apps like Google Play Store or Telegram while connected to wifi, even many websites won't open (but Google does). Rofl
@sayangr Emailed them 4 days ago with all the screenshots of cloudping, cs go ping test, and trace route to the servers I play on, comparing with Hathway, and their response is they are 'looking into it', and a certain date is given as deadline but missing the deadline every time (twice already).

I've moved back to Hathway anyway
I'll wait couple more days and then send one final email for termination of connection, which I've read that airtel is notorious for not honouring.