Lco too lazy to even install ont

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I am from a remote area(Poonch, J&K) which recently got Bsnl fibre(6 months ago) and Airtel fibre(this month maybe) feasibility. Being a bsnl ADSL user from past 5 years. I wasn't able to convince myself into getting Bharat fibre and they were even overcharging for installation so I decided to wait for few more months for airtel or jio.
It's been 13 days since I booked airtel xtreme fibre. It took 6 days for the lco to even do the wiring and on 8th day a guy came for splicing the wire tbh I wasn't bothered how slowly everything was proceeding. But now it's been 13th day since I initially booked and all the documents were taken still he's not bothered to activate the connection and install an ont. Everyday he promises he will send a guy to install ont but now I am getting irritated.
I have paid 6543 upfront for 6 months of 999 plan which included free installation.


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Send them a mail or if you can, reach them out on Twitter.