looking for a dialer for hotwire

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hi guys I have been using hotwire for 2 weeks now ,the speeds are better than sify and no hidden limitsbut only problem seems to be of not having any dialer .well logging to server's home page looks absurd and also it logs you off if there is no activity for about 20 mins.also many a times there are problems in logging due to cookies if you have a big userid.Has anybody made a dialer for this or worked out a soln .to this.Thx in advance.
Originally posted by sachin214@May 26 2005, 09:54 PM
hi sachin...this is ujjwal doing B.Tech (IT)(3rd yr) in delhi.....presently im persuing my training in Primus itself.....and i m looking fowardto develop  a full fledged dialer for Hotwire...Some thing better than EasySify2.( Well thats certainly a gem by Mr. Bhaskar Kishore )....so wait for some time...and if all goes well...and u will have one soon............. 🙂

If they have implemented packet shaper on your server then they have diabled login through dialers. Only option is to login through the webpage xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/auth

If not, then u can use the official dialer listed on their site www.hotwireindia.com
and there's also a console based dialer too out there somewhere.....sourceforge..... i think.
yes cyberwiz they have indeed implemented packet shaper on their servers and original dialer does not work.hi ujjwal ,i would be waiting for your dialer ,please make sure you add an option for automatic redialing after a lost connection for the bennifit of unlimited users like me.
I also used....... hotwire 1 yr back...................make shorcuts.......... for login and logout.............. I made dat
After a very very long time coming to these forums. Yes I am also indeed looking for a dialer, but strange enough, it doesn't log me off after 20 mins of inactivity. Just that I thought a dialer would be better. If I knew how to program, I would have made it myself 🙂.