Looking for Hathway Broadband Bangalore reviews

Alliance Broadband/Airtel DSL

I am looking for reviews from people using Hathway Broadband in Bangalore?
How is the overall experience? Is the connection stable?
What about their customer service if there is a fault?

Also, in terms of pings, how is their ping to AWS Mumbai servers (
Can someone from Bangalore using Hathway Broadband share the ping results to ?
The connection is stable so far at least in my society. I recently installed their connection last month and the service is good. Their static IP charges are also cheap at 99 +GST. The ping to is 29ms. I cant definitely tell if it is from airtel or hathway cause I am using both airtel and hathway in load balancing for better resilience. But the upload and download is not symmetric in my area. its 100 up and 50 down. Where as the actual speeds are around 85-93 down and 50 -60 up.