Low download speed on Excitel Fiber 100 mbps

Excitel Fiber
I've been on excitel fiber since june 2020. Download and upload speeds were always about 100 mbps. Recently, I noticed my download speeds starts tanking to 10 mbps. Prime video refuses to play in full hd when this happens. Upload speeds remain above 100 mbps even when downloads are slow.

Speed tests show higher ping and jitter to excitel's own servers. So i connect to nord vpn and see the download speeds rising above 100 mbps.

Is this a case of network congestion? I called up the lco 20 days ago and they said that they've been changing their server location or something (are they lying?). SPEEDS GET BACK TO NORMAL AT MIDNIGHT and pings and jitter remain at normal (7-10ms ping and jitter is usually 0)
Can u check your optical power on onu pesently? Next time when u face any issue check ur optical power first at that particular time
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@igloo as pings and jitter both are on higher side. Its better to check optical power once. But u are right
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I was facing the same problem on Alliance broadband, West Bengal on ever Google service websites. Speeds wouldn't go beyond 5 Mbps. I was told they had stopped peering with Google directly and hence, the problem. The issue persisted for 10-12 days and got fixed. They called me to confirm if the issue has been fixed after that. Maybe, it's a similar issue with your connection.
Problem has restarted again. Higher pings & jitter than usual. I'm attaching the screenshot of the optical power the modem's receiving. Excitel started becoming unreliable since this month. lco guy just points the issue as "changing servers' or "servers are getting upgraded" since one month.