Microsoft Vista launched in 70 nations worldwide

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Microsoft Vista launched in 70 nations worldwide
Software giant Microsoft has finally launched the consumer version of their Vista operating system in as many as 70 countries around the world.
Microsoft claims that Vista OS provides a secure environment to the consumer while providing him a revamped interface to the personal computer.
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lots of my friends are using it for quite some time now 🙄
I have been using it for more than a month now.First thing i did was disable UAC 😛....i.e. User Access Control. It is very very irritating
hmmmm...since its requiremnts r higher (than XP) i guess it'll run slower than XP atleast on my machine(2.8Ghz, ram-256mb) it will.

ya thats exactly wot my pt was........1gig is not very common in pc's nowadays, it is there in some but not that common
people who would want to upgrade to Vista NOW should get that much atleast anyways.
ya but then .....xp is not that is way more fancy in its GUI and may be a lil more secure. but i don think its worth an upgrade........atleast not for me 🙂