Minimum ₹128 is required for extension of validity by 28 days ?

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Reddit had a similar discussion on this. Lots of people confirming 79 doesn't work.
Maybe they are silently removing said plan and making ₹129 as monthly min
Airtel is looking to increase its APU to ₹300 ,So in coming months lower priced plans will be hiked for sure

Unless there's a substantial difference in performance metrics I don't see the benefit in paying for hiked prices that might come in the future.
Prepaid should also have options for unlimited data, like it's postpaid counterpart if it really wanted to go that high.
@opomiyulen are you able to send outbound sms with the 79 pack? I did the recharge last week and i am able to use the data and calls only. I get an alert that SMS service is not availaible in this pack. They could have still allowed the outgoing sms and deducted it from the main ballance On pay as you go rates