MSN Messenger 7 Beta is out

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I got hold of the beta version of this much hyped up upgrade to the very popular instant messaging client MSN Messenger 7. I installed it on a test machine to see what new things it has to offer me. Since I am checking out a beta release, most of these points might would not apply to any official release from Microsoft.

The download size of the beta is almost 7 megs. This size is almost double of that of current generation of full-fledged browsers like Opera and Mozilla Firefox #! Opera even packs an email application and an IRC client in half that download size! Maybe it is due to all the flashy stuff (winks) that MSN Messenger 7 introduces.

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inmho, msn s*cks, never used it.. will never use it.. i think that the new yahoo messenger is the best chat client.. never liked icq too 😛
Well, something didn't work right in the last post. If anyone wants a much better MSN Messenger to work with there is a programme available at: It is FREE, check it out. It can block advertising in Messenger, it can check your pop3 accounts, yo can customize away and busy messages as well as the names of your contacts. Makes it as good as if not better than Yahoo.
extensions can cover up lots of shortcomings in firefox over opera. that does not make it a better browser for me. i will allow the post on msn messenger plus as its a add on not a crack for disabling the ads.