MTNL Broadband: Ftp Server Using Port Forward

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I have setup a ftp server using port forwarding at User Id is anonymous. Port is 21 (default).
Pls. connect to it and see what donwload speed you get. My one friend says that speeds are only 3K which I fell is very low. Also help me to setup correctly. My e-mail is

Dude... Change your DSL-502T Password... You are making it vulnerable...
Thanks folks for the tip. I have changed it now. Now I cannot forward ports. I have D-Link 502T. If I add user port on port 21 in virtual server, it does show in the list below. Before it was working properly & I had my ftp server up. Is there any bug in this modem. The firmware is latest as of may 2005.
Goto Network Connections and right click the LAN network icon... Goto properties... in the General tab double click the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)... in the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Properties select the "Use the following IP address" option... enter the followin details...IP Address: Mask: Gateway: OK...Next goto your router settings...In the Advanced Tab select the LAN Clients...Enter the follwing details...IP Address: Name: AnyNameclick Add button...Now goto Virtual Server, make sure that the LAN IP is pointing to can now add the Rules u want... restart the should work now...
I tried that also in Static mode insteat of DHCP but still the rules don't show up in the list below. Anyway I have setup a DMZ mode. Any feedback on that. I am only using 1 PC on router. I have also changed my routers admin password. Pls try to connect and let me know what speeds you guys get. MSN Id is I am online from 9 PM till 1 AM

router running at is still allowing access with default user ID and pass, wat password have u changed??
i would be keen to know the content of ftp!!Prince1976 your router is still vulnerable.I don't say i am a Bad guy neither i say "I am a Good" .I am Wolvervine ya it's V added for same reason that shares with maVen's VI am No 1 fan of maVen's releases.
I am having an internet connection from a local ISP called "TOUCHNET". He gives connection by a Netgear router through switch. I am not able to portforward apps. Neither I am able to open "". My download speed rangesfrom 1 kbps to 10 kbps.My bandwidth is 128 kbps.Various speed test give different result however when I upload files on link-removed upload speed reaches upto 180 kbps. I am using Windows 7. What shall I do. Please help. Also tell me if i am getting optimm speed?