Mtnl Modem Queries?

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hi therei got a new cnnection a week ago...the night unlimited plan.. and the speed is 288 :-(now my friend has same plan and is on 2 the speed you get, is line dependent for your phone line or the settings in modem decide it..and can we change the settings of modem manuallyby feeding previous settings of modem , as in my case was on 2 mbps for a day and have the earlier settings saved on my hard disk.i know the idea of changing plans and getting into higher speeds but that will take 2 months in my case as installation on 2nd of march..long time..or any else methodheard shubhendu does not help for unlimited plans??i use ut- 300r2u modem from mtnl...
you 'cannot' upgrade yourself to 2mbps by playing around with your modem settings... the speed is controlled by mtnl. :sigh: such a waste of a thread.
Isnt MTNl giving UT-304r2 which has 4 LAN ports.MTNL gave me this one......and i think they are gonna give this in future so as to support Triple play services.
@torrentguru...first of all, you're not supposed to get 2 mbps in NU plan...but many ppl r getting it, like ur friend, but it's just a glitch or an oversight, which would be rectified as soon as it comes to notice, until it's officially announced that NU/Unlimited plans whould also get 2 mbps...secondly, you cannot tinker with the modem/router to increase the speed to 2 mbps, else by now at least everyone in this forum would be at that just forget if u have someone at the exchange or some link, then u can try utizling that...these things work with MTNL 😀
i know the speeds are set by mtnl as was the case with previous ISP,s i usedi was able to tweak 24 online client at beginning, was able to modify hotwire and spectranet settings from the administrator end , and uncap hathway cable modem for higher speeds..this is first time using adsl and know adsl is difficult to uncap...still worth it..thats why i needed to knopw whether the speed is line dependent or modem dependent..they set the modem by flashing it from their server in their language they call it "email" to the modem..there is no harm in trying...i guess so needed some info thats it..
@ torrenty bhai plz bro can u tell me how to hack 24 online plz plz !

Hey buddy! why dont u mail GM , he will surely help
Bro i m new plz tell me wat to do...
Hey guys! I am also on 2 mbps 749 NU plan since 1st Feb 2008.With 749 NU plan you people are entitled to get 2 mbps.In case if you are not getting 2 mbps speed then lodge a complaint on MTNL's customer care website.Also don't forget to mail an application to the following e-mail IDs:
[email protected]
[email protected] (R.A.GUPTA GM(Broadband) 23328823 )
Your broadband speed depends on your modem's data rate, which is set by MTNL people.I get 2 mbps speed and it's not because of a hitch.
Well guys the language they send data on Modem to put a cap is called Telnet.I am using Rs 749 Plan and its damn slow.I wish if there were any way to hack