My LCO is telling me his depressing stories. What to do?

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Kerala, India
He is telling me that he took a great risk in giving me bsnl connection and no else than me have the connection here.

What should i tell him?

I am already nearly guilt tripped into sticking with bsnl for 50 years lol

How expensive is it for the LCO to lay fiber cables? For example : For 100 meters?

Thank you.
What great risk did he take? BSNL LCO model is so hands off that LCO totally become too powerful controlling everything. All crap talk. Airtel is giving 100 m fiber for free.
There are some issues, I don't remember the specifics.There was someone on bsnl telegram group who was also sharing similar stories.. The biggest issue appears to be delayed payments from BSNL.

My LCO asks for cash from me and then pays my bill through their account to get the ~2% referral money. :/
Just to be clear,
I have heard similar stories from multiple places so I won't say that he is lying about his situation.

With that said, There is not a lot you can do. Maybe ask few more people to take the connection? Or ask him to give up BSNL and become LCO of some other ISP?
Other than this, I can't think of more options. :/
regarding the stories by the LCO:
1. LCO gets 50% commission from BSNL if the connection exceeds 100.. before that 45%..
2. 4Core - 1KM cable costs Rs.8500 for high quality.. others low quality are around 6.5 - 7.5 rupees per metre.
3. modem costs 2K max, sometimes up to 2.5K in lockdown..
4. labor costs per installation will be around Rs.300-500.. not more than that..
5. consumables are around Rs.300 (pig tail / fiber enclosure box / splitter / fiber splicing).

so there is no loss for him. if the cable required is long and the area is not that much developing area, there will be increase in cost of installation.. but after some time definitely some other person will get a connection in that area.. so he anyways gonna get the amount invested in.

Issues Facing:
1. Payments of customer paid through online now reflecting in wallet immediately..
2. Payments of customer done through offline - BSNL is providing bills to us regarding it where we need to provide bills to them for claiming those.. here there is delay as LCO told.. but that's okay.. BSNL is reviving now will definitely makes bills clear faster nowadays - from years to months .... definitely if the LCO collects payment directly from customer and pays through his wallet.. he will get the commission immediately.

so don't take LCO stories seriously.
Do you guys have bandiwdth to provide 300mbps connection to each and every customer in a colony/building. Assuming there are 50 connections.
right now we are providing 300mbps to 10 customers.. and right now we have 150 customers.. with 200mbps and 100mbps mostly.. speed is not going to be an issue in fiber.. its not like broadband.. where 10mbps can be used only by 10 customers with 1mbps each.. here its different.