National Cybersecurity Strategy

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Over six months since public consultations were opened on India’s National Cybersecurity Strategy 2020-25, we still await its public release. Since then, in the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic accompanied by an alarming increase in cyber attacks globally, the importance of the Strategy document has only increased. As India relies on digital connectivity more than ever before, the need to preserve an already shrinking legal and operational space for the protection of peoples’ digital rights and freedoms remains a crucial imperative in the face of expanding surveillance. National security and sovereignty appear to have assumed a central role in the cyber conversation.

In this webinar, our panelists, Gunjan Chawla, Karthik Nachiappan, Sushant Singh and Raman Jit Singh Chima will discuss important questions that linger around the National Cybersecurity Strategy - What are the goals and priorities we can expect it to be geared towards? What are the means at our disposal to ensure its implementation? Most importantly, will the Strategy ensure the protection of India’s as well as Indians’ digital rights and freedoms.
Aside from this, “virtual private server (VPS) providers, cloud service providers and virtual private network service (VPN service) providers, have been asked to register the following accurate information to be maintained for a period of five years or longer duration as mandated by the law”. The information includes validated names of subscribers/customers hiring the services, period of hire including dates, IPs allotted to/being used by the members, email address and IP address and time stamp used at the time of registration/on-boarding, purpose for hiring services, validated address and contact numbers and ownership pattern of the subscribers/customers hiring the services.