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Just installed whatsapp on a Samsung f41. I had copied the whatsapp folder into internal memory of the phone but when I activated whatsapp it started but without the data. It was empty. Reinstalled many times till whatsapp stopped sending the verification code by sms. I had to use the call option for the code. After restarting the phone the entire whatsapp folder disappeared from where I had placed it. To cut a long story short I found the entire whatsapp folder had gone to this location.
Can anyone help on how to get this entire folders of this s/w back to root of internal memory & get back the data.
BTW in my M31 the com.whatsapp folder is empty. The entire whatsapp folder is in root of internal memory.
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Not being able to copy?
I had copied the entire folder tree in root of internal memory as usual but its got shifted to the location mentioned above new files are going along with the old files in this folders but the old files have not been retrieved by the s/w during activation.
It is due to the scoped storage requirment of Android 11.

I assume it is fine on your M31 since you've not reinstalled WhatsApp on it after Android 11 update while on F41 you are doing a new installation. Just a wild guess.

Can confirm this is the case. Wife's Mi10i got Android 11 update just few days ago and the WhatsApp folder is still there in the root of infernal storage with all data.

I had done a factory reset of my Pixel (running Android 12 beta) and had configured WhatsApp (backup number). I no longer see WhatsApp folder in root and it is all under Android/media/com.whatsapp.

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You could be right. But what is scoped storage requirement? Your experience with the Mi10i is similar to what's happening on my phone which was on ver 10 when WhatsApp was installed. But on the F41 it came upto date with ver 11 & 1 mar security patch.
Just a query if I were to place the original backup folder in this com.whatsapp folder & then activate it the s/w would it retrieve the old data?😝
Thanks for all the valuable inputs & time spent in answering my questions. Will try and update this thread. Now I have to get my hands on that phone as family members are quite spooked by the experience where WA did not send verification code by sms & asked me to call. They are scared of getting locked out by WA.😁
Actually I had copied the entire WA folder out to my PC from the old phone (from the internal memory root) to the same location in the new phone. 🤔
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