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My cable guy provides more than 2 connections , that is pacenet-exatt-and some more.The thing is till now i have exatt and it was on the number one list when i type "raspppoe", but now that i might be switching over to pacenet i just wanted to make sure it works with my router.So i managed to ask my cable op to get me a temp uid/psw for a linuxuser on pacenet and tried to connect using the same way i was doing it with exatt.But it doesnt connect, since its trying to connect to the exatt service (access concentrator) . ** this is what i think , also my cable guy told me thats the same reason. and others are having problem using it too **Is there anyway to select a service to use on the config of my router.The pacenet connection works when i just dial the PPPoE connection directly connecting it to my laptop making it a wired connection. so there is no problem with the connection nor mac address specific usernames/passwords.So to cut it short " Does anyone have a way to select which service the router dials to (on the pppoe connection ) ? "P.S : Router - D-Link DI 524.