New 444rs Combo Plan In Delhi

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Airtel has recently launched new plan in delhi as advertized in Hindustan Time on MondayDetails are 1) Rs444 rental Per month2) 444mb free @256bps 🙂 3) 444 min free to local airtel mobiles( 😉 GF feature) and landline.4) extra mb at Rs 1.40 🙁 5) calls at Re1/3min airtel LL Rest@Re1/min Std@re1/minBut the question is when Airtel is coming to my colony :angry:
I just took the 444 package.I wi; get the connection in 2 days.took the plan inorder to avoid paying 500 bucks extra for instrument.I will change to 1 gb plan or unlimited plan after my first bill comes.I am nervous.Have I made a good choice in going for airtel broadband?i was using reliance fwp phone for accessing internet. It was crap.hope airtel is better and not too expensive.
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hope airtel is better and not too expensive.


Its not expensive only if u mind your limits 😉