New AirTel Connection @ Perungudi, Chennai

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My Father, Let my country awake!
A few months back, I had initiated a topic where I mused out loud re: ISPs in Chennai's Perungudi area.
As it so happened, AirTel was the *only* way to go. Lazy arse clowns at BSNL threw their hands up. Reliance, two-faced twats, offered connections ONLY to corporates/offices (and refused even if I said I run a SOHO myself).
So... AirTel it had to be. And boy was it a rocky start - right from the "address/identification proof" requirement. Anyway... I must say that the fellow at the franchise office close by was a class act (thanks to him, I retained some sort of sanity).
I registered on a Thursday and was promised installation by Saturday. But the engineers didn't come till this evening (Tuesday).
I had opted for my own modem (AirTel's pay 6-months-rental-in-advance-and-stick-with-it-with-no-chance-of-plan-change can suck on my left nut!) - the engineers were scrapping around with the settings (thankfully, I had done my homework and found out what had to be tinkered with re- AirTel's ADSL/PPPoE config).
I'll skip the part where they clowned around and broke a statuette while tinkering with the junction box.
Mercifully, I am now connected... I was promised a "Welcome call", which - they said - would allow me to set my bill preferences, bill generation date and change my plan, etc. Yet to receive one.
If I try to register online, the portal sends a OTP to some other registered number and not mine! God knows what these dingbats have done! Are they re-using an old or a previously disconnected service?
Anyway... I tried calling 121/198 from the fixed line. And try as I might - keying in the fixed line with STD code *always* ends up as an error. WTF!??! Exasperating.
And I dunno if it is my luck, the Net Xpress app which the technician downloaded refuses to run (XPSP3). I got it to run in a 'safe mode' (as opposed to rebooting the computer in safe mode), but it doesn't detect an active internet connection (there is a file being blissfully downloaded in the background). In the previous step, it had asked if I was an Airtel Technician. Not sure if this was to be done by them...
On a side note, is this application any good? (Assuming I get it to run one fine day)
Oh well... End of rant... At least I can *ahem* browse.
Nah. Uninstall netxpress.
It will be a few days before the systems recognize your phone number when calling 121. The registration process is quite painful when the engineers or whoever it is first sets it up, doesn't enter the details correctly. It took me over two weeks of back and forth communication to get registered to access the online portal. On the flip side, if you aren't registered in a few days, escalate your issue (the only way to do so might be to threaten cancellation). Once your issues go higher up on the chain, they are much more responsive in fixing them.
It is quite a frustrating experience...but, you just have to keep reminding yourself - it could be worse 🙂
@george: Yeah, Just realised that. It took more than 24 hours. Nearly 36.
I have been a postpaid mobile customer with AirTel since their inception - surprising that counts for nothing. Very, VERY disappointing but I don't have a choice.
ACT broadband are expanding and I hope their services aren't a let down. Waiting for them to launch in this area in the coming months.
Coming back to AirTel broadband, I find it ridiculous that they have only ONE bill cycle. Unlike mobile billing, I cannot choose my billing period/date. WTF!?!
PS: Amen to that last sentence of yours, mate. 🙂