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HiI have just subscribed for 128Kbps un limited plan,and this is the first time i m using Broadband aswell,So plz tell me what P2P should i have to download movies,and some softwares as well, I m a novice plz help me out.
1)For music and sometimes movies use limewire its a simple to use p2p s/w2)For Movies and Games use torrents, people say azureus or utorrent is better than bit-comet but i still use bicomet coz it works fine for me also i get max speed on bitcomet which i don't on azureus and utorrent (even after port forwarding etc)
Thanx for the answers,I am using limewire to download some files,but i getting terrible speed there only 8-11 Kbps,can i increase that speed somehow,i had called up airtel T/s as well but nojoy,so plz tell me what can be done to increase the speed,i am downloading download accerator plus 8 as well, will that help.I am really very disappointed right now,with the speed i am getting,plz help me out.
max u would get is 15kbps if the thing u r downloading is nicely seeded.

Hello all....hey @lone buddy.........any idea if Airtel BB vl be available in sector 45? I talked to them........and they said "soon" and this soon has not arrived at for last 3 months........I'm having probs with Dataone........gave up sify.......tata ppl gave up on me and no other option I can figure out rite nowvl appreciate u're help if cn provide some info!!! 🙂
Well dewd if this makes ur pain ease away a little...i had an Airtel connection booked last September. Every time they say airtel will be available in the next week....they always dump me. I mean if Airtel was a chick...then by god i will run as hell from her.False Promises,Lies And Airtel's speciality. So my advice to u dewd....dont hope for any miracles soon. AIrtel has more consumers than it can afford so dont expect anythin in a snap.
Perpetual confusion between KBps and Kbps

128 kbps = 16 KBps, so if u are getting 8-10 kbps then there is a problem whereas if its 8-10 KBps then its ok.

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.......any idea if Airtel BB vl be available in sector 45? I talked to them.....

Eternity man..infact answer could be never"..they have been 50 metres from my place for the past 3-4 yrs still not ready to wire my home or the neighbourhood. Unbundling of the local loop is wat is reqd..thats the key to our BB problems