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I have to buy a new mobile handset and the budget is between 5-6K. I do not have a particular featureset in mind so anything goes. As long as it is a good decent buy. I check Nokia website and found Nokia 6030 to be close to what i like. It is around 5100 bucks here and I plan to get the black version. I know it lacks IR and other communication method. I do not need them. No camera, but FM is supposed to be pretty good. Your comments?
only one comment - why not go for a smartphone at that range - like the Ngage.

Anyways, a person that i know, has recently bought the Sony-Ericsson K300 - - review. And he's very happy with it, singing its praises - and u can be assured he knows what he's talking about. Cheap, small, light, large memory, has all the functions you'd need, PLUS its not a smartphone (if you hate that category 😛).
both phones i am pretty sure would cost on the upwards of 6k. i am already exceeding my expected budget dude!
My sister just got the phone a couple of weeks back, so here are a couple of my observations:

1) The buttons are awesome..... very easy to type SMSes with (and I am damn fussy about typing messages on that stupid 3 letters per number scheme)... they are nice to press and seem like they would be quite durable too. If you send a lot of messages, this would be a big positive, and the only phone that outdoes it the Nokia 6820, which has a brilliant QWERTY keypad.

2) Menu is the good ol' nokia one.... no surprises here... if you want games, get a usb cable for the phone because it only comes with one shitty game.

3) Screen is nice and readable.

4) The black one was really scarce (at least at that point), so be prepared to settle for the silver one.

5) Nokia seems to have by far the shittiest of the shittiest customer services.... they have this mandate that unless a problem occurs in something like the first 15 days, you cannot go to the retailer afterwards, and must contact Nokia themselves.... The interesting thing is that their customer care just seems to be real real crap....... there was another customer in the shop who had been waiting for 24 days to get his phone repaired (under warranty) and they would not even give him an indication as to when (and if) he can expect it back.... the retailer said that Nokia is real shitty, and that despite being an authorised retailer, he had no pull with them, and they treat retailers like shit too, and furthermore, his own showroom phone was with them for the last month and a half, and they hadn't given it back to them......... long story short, when you get a Nokia phone, pretend you have no warranty.

That said, nice basic phone....... no funky features...... got decent memory for messages (3MB I think)..... so see if that suits you.
Also, try LG G1800... 64MB memory! (though I get the feeling that the UI probably sucks a lot).
Hmm...I myself was going to sell my Samsung C100 for Nokia 6030 but decided against it. A couple of things which caught my eye were, the build quality, the screen and FM. The build quality is poor. It rattles a lot. The screen is a bit bigger than my C100 but it is barely visible under the sunlight while my C100's screen performs excellent under the sun. They claim it has 65536 colors but it surely doesnt look so. Also, it scratches easily (like the Ipod Nano). Also, the FM provided with it is only mono, not stereo. So it sounds very dull and the volume is also very low.My suggestion, go in for a Nokia 6600 ( about 6K ) or better yet, go in for the samsung C230 ( i am not sure about the number ). But its similar to Nokia 6030 but it has a better screen, stereo fm and better features in general and as with all Samsung goods - its build is excellent! And I agree with vebmetal on the service front. Nokia sucks!

i dropped the idea of getting it for myself though gifted one to an ex-employee whom i owed some money. he find it pretty good. so well i think its fine for me... 🙂
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