Nokia 6820

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A friend of mine is looking to replace her phone, and we went to the market, and it seems to me, after reading a few reviews also, that the 6820 seems to be the best phone in it's range (Rs. 7000)..... and I was also thinking of buying it sometime down the line...

The only cons seem to be that its screen has bad resolution.. it uses only 4096 colours, and it has quite a c**ppy camera... but the camera doesn't matter to either of use... it's just a stupid gimmick as far as I am concerned, unless it can take atleast 3.2 Megapixel pictures.

Anyone know of a better phone costing around this price?
errm if you do not need a camera, why not buy a phone without a camera! okie 2600 is not really a great product, but it works fine as a mobile phone 😛
nah... would never buy the 2600... it's too basic a phone and too expensive for that......So we went out and bought the 6820, and man I am quite impressed with the flip keyboard.... typing SMSes with the damn number keys always pissed me off thoroughly, and the qwerty keyboard on this phone is ultra cool!!!Now all they need to do is to make it slightly slimmer, upgrade the camera to at least 3 Megapixels, enhance PDA functionality, and add a 6GB hard drive coupled with dedicated buttons to play mp3s,... and oh yeah keep the cost around 10,000... After that I can die in peace 😀
Damn! Have to say that it looks great!!! and supposedly it has 12.5 hours playback time for music!!!Now all they need to do is to add a flip type qwerty keyboard like the 6820!
how big is the screen of the mobile?

the one which can be used from 8 feet. either the mobile screen has to be big or your eyes should be those of superman.
Originally posted by thoufique@Jun 9 2005, 12:05 AM
the days of qwerty keyboard are long gone we hav keyboards operating over gr8 8 feet away 4m the phone
Nah... I think those days have not come yet.... and it needs to happen now....

Unless you are hooking up your cell to somehow display on a computer monitor or TV, the capability to type from 8 feet away is quite useless IMHO!! and who the hell wants to carry an extra keyboard around, when it can easily be incorporated into the cell phone itself....

Also I just read that 8GB one-inch drives have now come out, so Nokia might as well upgrade the N91 to that capacity...

I don't know if I am really impatient or these companies move really slow, but it seems that technologically we are at a point where it is feasible to make a device incorporating a pda, mp3 player, video player, 3MP digicam/videocam and cell phone with a 8GB hard drive and LOADS of battery power. Ahh.... flying castles in the air......
I feel that thoufique uses thick spectacles for myopics to see the screen! :lol:Jokin...He was highlighting the maximum operating range I think...😀