Nokia Asha 501

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Many on twitter claiming its Mini N9 Meego based like handset. It also have revamped OS.
Would have to wait for images and OS details.

... is made of only two parts to make it more durable. The back is removable to access the microSIM, the pre-installed 4GB microSD card and the battery.
The new Asha platform is a grandchild of the MeeGo OS. The phone wakes up with a double tap. It features two home screens - one is Fast lane, the other one is the app drawer.
Fast lane promises to show your present and your past. Present includes currently running apps (yes, multitasking, hell froze over), while Past shows messages and other notifications you’ve received.
There's going to be a dual-SIM version too. The second SIM card is exchangeable without having to remove the battery, a feature Nokia was keen to point out is unique to them.
The new Asha platform is hugely efficient - the 501 features up to 17 hours of talk time and over 80 days of standby.
I am assuming that this new user experience is not coming to existing Asha branded devices. 😀 Nokia just fragmented their S40 platform 😛
They are now calling their new OS as ASHA OS Platform, like they called Symbian Belle as Nokia Belle 🙂
Not sure if ASHA OS is Java based like S40. But if its new OS altogether, then it adds work for App developers to write new apps again for this OS.

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