PAP Authentication Failed

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Hi,I've had this problem for the past several weeks.My DSLNU connection just stops working.I can log on to the router, but can't connect to the Net.The router shows that the ADSL is connected.But the ppoe is disconnected.The log file shows "PAP Authentication failed"The connection usually goes down during my post midnight download session. I usually run emule and DC++ but this problem has even happened when no programs were running.My current solution is to call the exchange. They reset something at the server end and it starts working within a few minutes.However, neither they nor I can understand why this keeps happening - about twice a week.I would really appreciate any suggestions or solutions.
In which area do you live? One of my friends faced this problem and it turned out to be exchange specific.
it happened ttoday exctly 10:30 AM...the router got high on would not let me to even access webinterface/telnet/SSHi kept rebotting (PC) it went fine after 11:00 AM...i think it was was overload...there were toomany users on mtnl!chk it out!...other subnets were similar!
If these routers have obtained public ip, then we can assume that they are online (and have established PPP session).

max...i guess st0le is rite...those IP's r IP's of true online rtrs. But st0le remember Angry IP scanner gives u only those IP's online for which ICMP reply is enabled, if u disable ICMP in the D-Link rtr or u use a Personal f/w in d Bridged mode, then u can never know d actual count. Anyways...st0le a gud investigation on MTNL.View attachment 360