Pathetic Service from You Broadband

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You Broadband
I am from Bangalore. As mentioned above we had renewed our [color=#ff0000;]You Broadband[/color] account on thrice and every time we [color=#ff0000;]faced a down time of minimum 15 days[/color]. This time one more new executive came in with an assurance that the same if renewed will be [color=#ff0000;]activated withing 20 mins. [/color]The same was activated on [color=#ff0000;]24th may 2013 and till date we have not been able to browse the net. [/color]The reason given by the company is that the area modem is down and it will take till 1st of June to repair. **That time has also passed and we are still in dark as to when will we be able to get the internet.**

Calling those marketing jokers has resulted in they switching their mobiles off and if called from a different no. the standard dialogue is, "We are under training, will let the other in charge call you."

What training are they on ? to tell a lie and cheat the consumer with their time and money.

Anybody who had faced or is facing the same and has taken any legal way out against them, please let me know as I want to file a consumer case against them for cheating and harassment.

**Thanks in advance for your patient reading and solution for the same.**
My name is vijay basetia
you broadband id VB453
from the day i installed you boradband connection facing lots of problem like speed is verry slow, outrange problem, technical issues, ect.
now it is more then that. I have changed my house from ulsoor jogopalya to cambridge layout, on 21st june 2013, its allmost one week i have requested to change my connection and the request no is 2013062207183. from the very first day i am regular calling to change the connection in my new house and asking for the status from there i did not got any call on there end that when it will be done.
on 24th june 2013 two guys came to see the location but they did not revert when it will be done after 4 day when i called costomer care and asked the status they said i have to pay 605/- for the relocation i agreed on that but today when i called them they said that area is not fecible and they but again asking for relocation fee. so my question is if this area is not fecible then why they are asking for 605/- and not commiting it will be done or not. on the other hand from very first day they are saying it will be done in 7 working day. now they are saying that it will be done within 7 working day after giving them relocation charged.
now can anyone suggest will i give them relocation fee or i should go for any other braodband connection and suggest me the any good braodband.
on the other hand i just now on 23rd i renew the connection and payed some 750/-.
Vijay Basetia