PCLinuxOS 2007 Final Released!

I have the ATI Radeon Xpress 200 onboard card. For the nvidia card, dude please could you start a new thread?? You're hijacking a thread that is very close to me 😀.
I downloaded this new PCLinuxOS after reading your posts. I had earlier tried the 0.93 bigdaddy version of PCLos. It was really good, but some how it lacked the solid feeling that fedora gives. Anyways my main distro has always been Fedora , and I have a partition to try out new distros. I ran the Live Cd and this definitely feels much better than o.93 release. Looks like PCLOS can become my main OS now!!
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Dude Apoorv, where did you get the instructions to build the live usb. I am not having any luck with it. I keep getting grub error 15.
The Beryl/KDE eye candy all look good, but something worth considering is their release cycle and the duration for which a particular release is supported(i.e. updates, patches etc are made available). A quick look on their website doesn't reveal any answeres.The other thing I would be concerned is what packaging system they use and how(geographically) widespread their mirrors and repos are. For my FC 6 updates, I heavily repy on the IIT Madras FTP for core and extras; this speeds up my downloads.As for Beryl on nVidia; I havent had much luck running mplayer/vlc full screen with my on board GeForce 6150. It might be worth checking this for 6200 on the nvidia forums.

How can you get a GRUB error when GRUB is not loaded at all? Is the error a boot error or after installation error?

Install, boot and run PCLinuxOS from a USB memory stick | Pen Drive Linux

The tutorial was originally here, but now they have removed it, so I didn't mention the source.

I did the installation myself exactly as I have mentioned over there. Remember, you do not have to copy the contents of the folder 'boot' to your drive, you have to copy the whole folder itself. Do not place them in any sub directory. It is only for the isolinux folder that you have to copy the contents of the folder directly to your drive.