POLL:-Willing To pay 259 Bucks extra?

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MTNL TriB200 :: 2048/512
W.E.F June 20th,2007 MTNL has introduced the new DSL NU 849 with speeds "upto" 2mbps instead of 256kbps
MTNL Broadband Internet Services Tariff Plans

How many of you are willing to move from 590 to 849 for the additional speed??😗
Cast your vote today !!

P.S:- They have a Pay Yearly in advance option which wasnt available on the 590NU
For 849NU its a Yearly payment of Rs9300,that works out to Rs775pm

or Rs185 more than what u pay for 590NU
Worth a shot if u look at the fact that for 185 extra u can zoom from 256kbps to 2mbps
i had pay that... if airtel offered me something like that.
id say its not a bad deal! hurray atlast we have 2mbps NU! :yahoo: :yahoo:but it seems they have scrapped out the old 590 NU plan.
so question is will MTNL shift ppl on 590 nu automatically to the new 849 plan or 590 NU ppl continue to get same 256 speed till eternity ?

BTW voted for YES
i wont go for scheme becuase i dont need it. but it seems good deal for users who have to download a lot. with 2mbps just at night u can download atleast 150 GB in a month. so 150 GB for 850Rs is obviously great deal (in India)plus even for moderate downloaders who wud download say 1 CD per day. it saves electricity too and increases sleeping time too. instead of keeping machine for 8hrs they just need to keep it on for 1hr and u can go to sleep by 1AM.(incase u dont have schedulers)
Damn I just came to know that I am just a moderate downloader using around 15-20 gb a month hahaha.I dont think 849 is a lot for 2mbps night unlimited, and users will migrate if they can afford it.

lol with launch of 2mbps NU... definition of heavy and moderate obviously needs to change.heavy downloaders wud now be 100GB+moderate 50GB+light downloaders 10GB+NO downloaders < 10GBi wud be in last categorysorry from dragging u down to light downloaders from heavy downloaders within minutes 😛Update:light downloaders wud be better word instead of low downloaders
I was praying 4 the upgrade to 2mbps as i have heavy downloads...but the extra 259 bucks is a pinch 2 my pocket. but anyways will have to migration to DSL NU 849.
I guess existing users will continue to have same charge + download limit. Only new registrations are stopped and these are for new regisitrations only. This is given if u scroll the New tarrif plan url given in the post.
I was keenly considering the 590 NU scheme - not sure if I would want to take this one. If I add on the tel. hire, modem hire, service tax, the monthly fixed amount crosses Rs.1000. Like people are saying here, this works only for really heavy downloaders. I think MTNL should not offer this at the expense of the 590 NU - both should be available. The 590 NU scheme is useful for people like me who surf a lot, but don't download a lot of vids/ music.