Porting from LOOP Mobile to RCOM

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Frustrating. Very frustrating. First request declined. Reason - Contractual Obligation Violation. Went to the loop shop, they gave me some random reasons, asked them to show the contract where it said I couldn't port out. They were unable to do so, forwarded my request.Filled up rcom forms again. Let's see how it goes.
Why would anyone PORT TO RELIANCE?
😛 😀Unlimited 899 is the only reason 😛Had taken a prepaid Sim, network seems to have improved quite a bit.
Right. Reliance guys here in Gurgaon basically lost a customer for their employer by telling me that Reliance GSM network sucks around here.
no reliance recommendation from my end.

An update. After sending an email to LOOP's cc, I received quite a few call backs and a very well written reply. Hadn't expected this level of service from them. Meanwhile, rcom seems to have messed up my request this time around. Have no plans to reapply again. Plan to stick with bpl.
I still think that I got lucky with dad's connection. Reliance to Vodafone happened in first try!
Reliance is worst operator here in Delhi. I twice requested for porting by sending message in past 2 months and they seem to be not interested at all in retaining it's customers. Not received a single call. Instead, they have kept on deducting my balance as they have been doing for past 3 months. Btw finally have given request to port to aircel and got the sim.