Query About Uploadin Data

Lots of times mentioned in this forumUPLOADS ARE FREE.....but with UPLOADS there r some keep alive msgs tht r rcvd & thts included in downloads. But tht keep alive data is a very small percentage of upload
Man these newbies are annoying, no efforts for searching, just posting a common, 1000 times answered question and experienced members reply and encourage them.....🙁
yup, the old members should not answer the query, rather they should encourage the newbie to search the forum. There far too many noobs just waiting to be spoon fed without even realising the basics of posting on forums and i am surprised at their attitude, some of them are not even polite and demand help as a matter of right.
the thing is they dont even check their usage on MTNL sitethere are 3 fields in usage:usage counteddownload upload.it can be clearly seen that upload is not considered in usage counted and eventhen ppl keep asking same question.