Questions about Airtel Xstream Broadband

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Airtel Xstream Fiber
Hello Everyone!

I an Airtel Fiber user in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. This is my first post. Please forgive me if I violate any forum rules.

I have the following queries:

-How do I know whether in my city Airtel is offering services through LCO or on its own?
-Initially I was promised voice calling but now they say that since they have introduced only prepaid plans so they wont bring voice calling to our city!
-I think this question was asked earlier, but is there any app like Jio Call in Airtel by which I can make calls using wi-fi, because my indoor reception is very poor.

Thank you!

-prepaid is lco, postpaid is direct.
-many people with prepaid do have voice, they ll do it later in phases.
-no app but you can use vowifi with jio or airtel 4g using compatible phone via any wifi.
Thank you @igloo sir for your prompt response. Regarding my third query, my problem is that my device is not compatible with Wi-Fi calling. It isn't in the list of supported handsets and I don't think Ill be able to invest in a new phone anytime soon. That's why I was waiting desperately for the landline by Airtel Fiber. But, now they have simply stopped entertaining any queries related to that. That's why I was hoping for a Jio Call type app.
Regarding my second query, I recently noticed that interestingly, though earlier Airtel Fiber website showed 'unlimited voice calling' in every city-specific fiber plan, the same is now visible only in plans for tier-1 towns and big towns of each state.
Regarding your second query, I live in an lco operated city and am currently on a 6 months advanced rental plan. the broadband plan page doesn't show unlimited calls for my city now, but emails from 121 (in Sep20 and Mar21) regarding activation of ARPs on my account do clearly mention benefits of unlimited voice calls. In reality, landline doesn't work, though led indicator lights up on my ont and voice shows registered with phone number in the admin page.

Thank you for your reply, namesake 😀. For me, the landline LED doesn't light up and the ONT admin page shows 'voice disabled'. It now seems I was hoping in vain for the landline service to be activated and even though they've allotted me a landline number (in addition to the dsl number), it seems voice calls are a far fetched dream. 😞
Hi Khalid bhai! They told me the exact same thing when I took the connection. 😢 The guy said: "Abhi testing chal rahi hai voice ki, max 1-1.5 months lagenge." After 3 months I spoke to Airtel Helpline, they said we have no timeline as to when voice services would be activated in my city hence we can't give any commitment. I really hope you turn out to be luckier than me 🙏
now u made me worried man. the connection is for my parents, they really need landline. i will check with them again.